SNL Cold Open Asks the Question: Is There ‘Absolutely Nothing’ Trump Can Do to Lose GOP Support?


Saturday Night Live returned to politics tonight with a cold open that parodied Meet the Press and skewered Republican members of Congress.

The sketch started off by introducing Chuck Todd — played by Kyle Mooney — who announced he was trying out bangs for the summer.

Todd then introduced a trio of Republican members of Congress who seemed to be vying to prove just how loyal they were to President Donald Trump.

In a series of questions, Todd asked about outrageous hypothetical situations to suss out when Trump might lose GOP support.

In each case, the Republican panelists agreed to stick by him.

“If Trump open hand slaps you in the face, what would you say then?” Mooney as Todd asked at one point.

“Harder, daddy,” McKinnon as Graham replied.

“So there’s absolutely nothing President Trump could do to lose your support?” the faux Todd asked Senators Susan Collins (Cecily Strong), Mitch McConnell (Beck Bennett) and Lindsey Graham (Kate McKinnon).

McConnell announced his limit was if Trump got “gay married…to the leader of ISIS.”

“And they had matching diapers fashioned out of the original Constitution,” Strong as Collins piled on.

SNL’s McConnell then admitted they were kidding no one.

“We’ll always be ride or die bitches,” he said.

Watch above, via NBC

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