SNL Parodies Gayle King’s Explosive R. Kelly Interview: ‘Please Call Me Victim’

Saturday Night Live opened up their latest show with sketch tackling Gayle King‘s explosive interview with R. Kelly.

In real life, Kelly screamed and jumped from his chair while interviewer King remained calm.

In the SNL version, Kelly — played by Kenan Thompson  — was prone to incoherent thoughts and sudden outbursts of song.

“People think I’m some kind of a monster,” Kelly said at the start of the interview. “I’m here to remove all of that. My lawyer was telling me no. But my ego. My ego was telling me yes.”

Then, when SNL’s King — played by Leslie Jones —  called him by his first name, SNL Kelly replied: “Please call me victim.”

At one point in the interview, Kelly insisted anyone can start a celebrity rumor.

“You can start a rumor about any celebrity just like that,” he said. “All you got to do is push a button on your phone and say R. Kelly did this to me. And then attach a video of me doing that thing, and people will believe you. It’s scary.”

SNL’s King replied: “I really want to laugh right now. But I can’t tell if this interview is a prank on you or a prank on me.”

That prompted Kelly to break into song.

“This interview is going great,” he sang, complete with red mood lights.  “Oprah’s friend thinks I’m innocent.”

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