SNL Mocks Fox’s Jeanine Pirro as Drunken Trump Fangirl


Saturday Night Live‘s Cecily Strong appeared as a drunken Jeanine Pirro on “Weekend Update,” throwing a martini in Colin Jost’s face after he told her congressional Democrats could force testimony against President Donald Trump if they begin impeachment proceedings.

Strong as Pirro began by thanking her sponsors for sticking with her after she was briefly suspended due to a monologue criticizing Rep. Ilhan Omar’s religious headwear. Jost commented “it’s rumored Fox News only kept you on the air because Donald Trump called the network on your behalf.”

“Yes! That’s because Donald Trump is a class act,” she said. “He is the Michael Jordan of presidents and the Wesley Snipes of taxes. He’s a wiz in the boardroom and sometimes whizzes a little in the bedroom.”

“Judge Jeanine, I hate to ask this, but have you been drinking?” Jost asked.

“Colin, I haven’t been drinking,” she replied, pulling out a martini. “I currently am drinking.” Strong later proceeded to spit the martini in Jost’s face after he told her it’s likely Robert Mueller will testify before Congress.

Watch above, via NBC

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