SNL’s Michael Che Mocks Trump: ‘I Mean He’s the President, He’s Got to Know the Law’

Michael Che called out President Donald Trump for saying that his former fixer Michael Cohen was supposed to know the law during SNL’s Weekend Update.

After reading the tweet from Trump about Cohen, which came after Cohen’s sentencing, Che pointed out that Trump should probably know the law too, considering he is the president of the United States.

“You know who else is supposed to know the law? The frigging president of the United States!” Che said.

He continued on: “I can’t get past that. I mean, the Pope should know the Bible. Santa should know the meaning of Christmas. The president should know the law. Dude, we’re paying you money for this. Am I bugging? Am I crazy?”

He wasn’t done. A little while later, Che added this:  “I mean he’s the president. He’s got to know the law.”

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