Stephen Colbert and Laura Benanti Send a Final ‘F*ck You’ to Melania Trump in Brutal Parody Farewell Video


After First Lady Melania Trump posted a farewell address on Monday night, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’s Laura Benanti shared her own goodbye video.

For her final Melania Trump impression, Benanti brutally mocked the first lady with a song and dance number envisioning her unsuccessful move back to New York City.

“It’s so good to be in NYC, the Be-Bestest city on earth. The Huge Apple. The city that never sleeps with a porn star and then lies to you about it,” she said entering Times Square. “Being here makes me feel — which is something I don’t normally do.”

After getting slapped with a “Fuck you,” “You suck, “Fuck off,” and a “Wear a mask!” she began to wonder if the city she loves so much even remotely likes her back.

“Such colorful characters with their local expressions!” she sang in a parody of Beauty and the Beast’s opening song. “There goes my driver, nice to see you, Jeffrey? New York is too good to be true. No one puts me in a rage, asking ‘bout kids in a cage. I don’t really care about that, do you?”

“Starting to wonder if New York dislikes me?” she continued. “What is this word ‘complicity?’ That riot on the Mall, hurt Melania most of all. No one on Earth is bullied more than me!”

Dancing around Times Square with quintessential New York characters, topped off with an impressive number on the TKTS steps, Benanti’s Melania maintained her love for New York, later wondering where she’ll even go once President Donald Trump’s term ends.

“What was I supposed to do? It was just one lousy coup,” she sang. “What do you want from me? Another fucking Christmas tree?”

As New Yorkers continued to spew their distain for Melania, the first lady realized she’ll have to settle for Mar-a-Lago, but wondered: “Do they even like me there? Do they hate me everywhere?”

“You can change your mind and say you love me if you want to,” she sang to a group of New Yorkers, who responded:  “We hate you like you hate Ivanka!”

“Then goodbye forever,” she concluded. “Insincerely, Melania Trump!”

Watch above, via YouTube.

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