Tyra Banks is a Stanford Professor Now, Apparently

Tyra Banks– or, shall we say, Professor Banks, is adding to her resume, and it’s not what we expected. The model and television host is now going to be a professor. She announced in The Wall Street Journal that for two weeks in May she will co-teach a course to MBA students. While we thought it would be called something like Smize-ing For Interviews: A Survey Course, it’s actually a course on building your personal brand, something Banks is absolutely an expert in

America’s Next Top Model recently completed its run, and soon Banks will move on to a new show called Funded, a Shark Tank– like show on which she’ll mentor entrepreneurs. She herself also got a degree from Harvard’s business school in September. And while it’s no question she doesn’t have the teaching experience most other professors do, one could certainly argue that Banks, an entrepreneur herself has a ton to offer in the area of brand-building and may have even more to offer than a traditional professor.

The course will be called “Project You: Building and Extending your Personal Brand.” We’re kind of wishing we were Ivy League business school students now.

[image via screen grab, OWN/YouTube]

[H/T Entertainment Weekly]

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