WATCH: Colbert Brutally Mocks Trump for Bragging He’s a ‘Young, Vibrant Man’

Stephen Colbert was back after a short break Monday night and he came ready to skewer President Donald Trump.

“Now, as a spry 72-year-old, Trump is looking to paint himself as a young— fresh-faced— alternative to Biden,” Colbert snarked.

He then played the clip of Trump’s boast about being so young.

“’I am a young, vibrant man,’” Colbert said, repeating Trump’s words. “That’s usually what you hear someone say as the nurse leads them out of the parking lot back to the day room. ‘I’m a young vibrant man. Let me go, young lady. General Eisenhower is expecting me on Omaha beach.’”

“What does he mean, ‘I’m the youngest person.’ Of all his 10,000 lies, that might be the biggest,” Colbert said.

Then, in his Trumpian voice, Colbert quipped: “I’m the youngest person in the world. Every single second, a baby is born, but I’m younger than any of them. Don’t believe me? I’m younger than a baby. I have no object permanence, I have a limited vocabulary, and I am wearing a diaper, and everything I see, I put in my mouth.”

Colbert, by the way, was not pulling the 10,000 lies figure out of a hat. The Washington Post recently reported that on April 26 “the president crossed the 10,000 mark,” racking up falsehoods at a rate of nearly 23 claims a day during the last 7 month period.

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