WATCH: Colbert Mocks Roger Stone Arrest With Cops -Style ‘Bad Boys’ Parody

Stephen Colbert opened up his show on Monday with a parody sketch fashioned after Cops.

Only this time the ‘bad boys’ were Roger Stone and, as teased for the next episode, Donald Trump Jr.

“We’re here to arrest Roger Stone,” the faux-FBI agent says in the sketch titled simply “Mueller.”

“He’s easy to spot because he dresses like a Dick Tracy villain, he also has a tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back and, I believe, a Henry Kissinger tramp stamp,” he continues on, speaking directly to the camera. “Actually, pretty excited we’re arresting him because I picked him from my collusion fantasy league.”

“We’re going in!” he then says before sirens wail.

The sketch ends with a tease for the next Mueller episode.

“Next week on Mueller,” the announcer in the sketch says, before showing a preview clip of the FBI knocking on the door.

“Donald Trump, Jr., Open up, we know you’re in there,” the agent shouts through the door. “There’s a dead hippo out here.”

Watch above, via CBS

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