Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Recruits a Bunch of Scientists to Tell Us Just How ‘F*cked’ the Planet is


Jimmy Kimmel celebrated New York City’s Climate Week by getting a group of scientists to tell his viewers just how “fucked” the planet is.

Seven late-night hosts teamed up in honor of Climate Week, thanks to veteran late-night producer and writer Steve Bodow, who organized the event.

While the hosts ran their respective shows from their usual sets and on their typical networks, each of Wednesday’s late-night episodes had a certain theme in common: Climate change.

“You can’t escape,” Kimmel said of Wednesday’s Climate Night. “It’s basically an intervention.”

Kimmel started his show with an almost two-minute montage of conservative politicians and media figures denying climate change.

The ruthless video ended with a 2019 clip of Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) holding up a blown-up picture of six babies and arguing that they were the solution to the world’s environmental issues.

The host went on to argue that each issue discussed on the show these past years, including, “the pandemic, systemic racism, income inequality, immigration,” and gun violence, would not “matter at all” if climate change is ignored.

“The car is going off a cliff and we’re fiddling with the radio,” he said, later asking, “How could anyone be opposed to trying to fix this?”

“Even if you run an oil company, you and your children and their children are going to have to live on in the world,” he continued. “There’s no Planet B.”

The host went on the crack that while “wildfires, floods, landslides” are all “amazing things to hear Stevie Nicks sing about,” they aren’t natural disasters that anyone would want to experience in real life.

Kimmel later invited a group of scientists that first appeared on his show five years ago to give his viewers a less than cheerful message.

The scientists reminded viewers that they told us climate change was real five years ago, adding that they also mentioned, “it’s undeniably caused by human activity,” and “that it’s going to be catastrophic.”

“We weren’t fucking with you,” said environmental analytical chemist Chuck Taylor, later adding, “The planet is exactly as fucked as we told you it would be.”

“You motherfuckers,” added polar ecologist Nina Karnovsky.

The scientists went on to say that the globe is hotter and that hurricanes, droughts, floods, and wildfires are all worsening, adding, “We told you so!”

Climate scientist Alex Hall even made a chart detailing just how bad things are for the planet, and for everyone living on it. According to his chart, things are, “Totally and irreparably fucked.”

“But, we’re still not completely fucked,” added Karnovsky, while Taylor cracked, “There is still time to unfuck some stuff.”

The scientists urged everyone, both individuals and corporations, to work together to “unfuck the world.”

“We can call it the great un-fuckening!” said marine environmental scientist John Dorsey.

Watch above, via ABC.

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