WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Torches Anti-Vax ‘Pandummies’ in Ruthless ‘Clown Hall’ Supercut


Jimmy Kimmel went after the “pandummies” attending various city council and school board meetings to spew conspiracy theories about Covid-19.

Kimmel introduced his “Clown Hall” segment on Tuesday night, in which he aired a supercut of angry coronavirus “misinformation superspreaders” making various baseless complaints about the pandemic.

The video started with someone making a classic anti-mask argument: “If God wanted us to cover our mouth and nose, he would have made us that way.”

The next “misinformation superspreader” made a similar claim, exclaiming that “we are designed to breathe oxygen, not our own body waste.”

The arguments, and those making them, grew increasingly wild throughout the montage, one suggesting that people are ending up in the hospital due to “all that mask-wearing.”

“These are demonic entities in all the school boards of all the United States of America,” added one concerned citizen.

“If you wear that diaper on your face, if he farted right now, would you smell it?” asked another.

One attendee showed off a scarf she bought in Peru, only to wrap it around her face and complain that the only way she could have gone to school that day is if she acted like she was wearing “a freaking burqa.”

“God forbid my son get it and die, that would be hard, that would be so hard, but that was my choice,” argued another father in the montage, which led to a clip of someone in a hazmat suit summarizing scenes in Steven Spielberg’s 1982 classic E.T.

After a few clips of people trying to prove they are now magnetic by placing metal objects on their bodies, Kimmel aired a video of someone who can only be identified as the crème de la crème of “pandummies.”

“YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR CHILDREN’S CHILDREN WILL BE SUFFOCATED!!!” he yelled, extremely red-faced,  at a board of supervisors’ meeting.

Watch above, via ABC.

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