Burger Orgy: The 11 Biggest Ramen Burger Ripoffs of 2013


2013 will probably go down in history as the year of the Food Mashup, a.k.a. the year that creativity gave up and decided to bang rocks together, except “rocks” equals “snack foods”: the cronut! The Doritos Locos Taco! And, more jaw-droppingly, the Ramen Burger, which burst onto the food scene on August 1st in Williamsburg and started…this.

But a stroke of genius is often followed by a flock of imitators, and it was stupidly easy to find recent ripoffs of the Ramen Burger, simply by typing “[RANDOM SNACK FOOD] + burger” into Google Search.

Also, for New Year’s, please someone send us a pile of Shake Shack burgers so we can cry into them. Please.

1: Burger King French Fry Mashup

2: Dunkin’ Donuts Bacon Sammie

3: Bootleg Black Label Ramen Burger: Lowbrow ramen + highbrow Minetta Tavern patty? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO.

4: Cronut Burger: AKA, the burger that broke the internet. We salute our colleagues at First We Feast for collectively destroying the internet’s sanity, if but for a moment.

5: Pizzaburger

6: Spaghetti Burger

7: Sushi Burger

8: Cheetos Burger

Cheetos Burger  - Picture of Hubcap Grill, Houston
This photo of Hubcap Grill is courtesy of TripAdvisor

9: Pastrami Burger: It’s been around forever, but got super hot again, much like Paul McGann’s return as the Eighth Doctor in the recent Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. (Nerd.)

10: Grilled Cheese Cheeseburger. Thank you, Jack In The Box. We think.

11: THE BURGER DOG: This…looks kind of obscene.


 From the manufacturer: “A tasty limited edition flavor that would go perfectly with an ice-cold Pepsi. Each stick has massive amounts of delicious cheeseburger seasoning. Count on Frito Lay Japan for new and unique products every month.”


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