1,500 People Attended Benoît Violier’s Funeral


This week, Benoît Violier, a beloved French-Swiss chef whose restaurant was just declared the best in the world by La Liste was found dead in his home, apparently from suicide. His death rocked the culinary world and it’s caused people to examine the cutthroat, high-pressure restaurant industry. According to The New York Times, he showed no signs of distress or seem depressed. He gave an interview to a French magazine recently where he seemed to have a positive outlook.

His funeral was today in Switzerland, and according to The Daily Mail, 1,500 mourners were in attendance to pay their respects and say goodbye. Frédy Girardet, whose family started the Hôtel de Ville, (the restaurant Violier had been running before his death) was there, as was the mayor of Lausanne. His wife and fifteen-year-old son were also in attendance.

The Hôtel de Ville reopened just two days after his death, reportedly at the urging of his wife.

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