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Holy Crap, Look At This Map Of The 21st Century Limited’s Kitchen Brigade

The website for the 21st Century Limited, the joint collaboration/switcheroo between Alinea and Eleven Madison Park, is now online, though you won’t be able to buy tickets yet. (Not that you’re able to afford them, it being $600+ per person and all). But if you’re fascinated by the organizational structure of kitchen brigades, or just really into chart porn, check out this photo that Grant Achatz and Daniel Humm put on the project’s Facebook page. (The chart is waaaaaaaay bigger than what you can see here.)

That sophisticated version of a factor tree, designed by Alinea chef de cuisine Matt Chasseur, details how they’re going to shoehorn a dozen Alinea cooks into a kitchen full of busy Eleven Madison Park staffers. (It also hints at what dishes they’re planning to serve — we made out “lamb glass,” whatever that is.)

We share one Charlez Hetzel’s incredulous question: “Did Chef Chasseur also work at McKinsey prior to Alinea?”

[h/t Eater]

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