3 Game-Changing Wisdoms from Ferran Adria

Feeling like you’re in a weekend month year life slump? Ferran Adria is in as your new creative life coach. (When he’s not talking about orgasms, anyways.)

You’ll definitely get plenty of el Bulli and el Bulli Foundation gems in there, too (like when Adria insists that “elBulli is not a culinary entity … our expertise happens to be in the kitchen”), but Adria really tackles on what creativity means to him in this video with Fast Company. And maybe we have drank the elBulli Kool-aid (side note: HOW COOL WOULD AN EL BULLI KOOL AID BE? It’d be something completely wackadoodle and delicious) but we’re definitely feeling more inspired after listening to Adria. Life wisdoms from Adria that can be taken way outside the kitchen:

“If we only focus on the kitchen, then we keep a narrow view.”

“In the creative process, the key concept is logic. Sometimes we think it’s a talent, or something divine, but creativity is all about logic.”

“We live in such a fast time, everything is instant. We are missing time to reflect.”

Oh, and Adria hints that there will be a New York chapter of his foundation, which makes this the priciest, but probably coolest, support group for creative minds on there. Get on it!

[Fast Company]

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