7 Cookbooks to Give This Holiday Season (And Keep For Yourself, Too)

Another year, another slew of food books, food memoirs, cookbooks and drink books (that’s a thing, right?) to hit the shelves. If you’re like us, you see a few too many “paleo,” “grain brain,” and “gluten-free” titles before your eyes start rolling in the back of your head, but fortunately, 2014 was a great year for people who like reading, cooking, and drinking. (And evidently for cooking “thugs” as well.)

The hottest cookbooks of 2014 were ones we’d actually be happy to receive from our loved ones — or ones that we’ll buy with every intention of giving to our loved ones, but end up keeping for ourselves. Selfish holiday presents for the win! Nevertheless, you’ll win major brownie points when you wrap these bad boys up for your mom/ aunt/ boyfriend’s mom/ foodie boss/ whatever.

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