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7 Signs Your Manager Secretly Slipped You ‘Shrooms

West Village restaurant Sticky’s Finger Joint is making the news today because a former waitress has filed a lawsuit claiming co-owner Paul Abrahamian fed her magical mushrooms against her will. The explanation proffered to the New York Post sounds like Sofie Rasmussen’s boss was exactly like the manager at a restaurant where we once worked, who would sneak liters of vodka into the O.J. of any unsuspecting and violently hungover staff, with the expressed goal of making them vom. Ah, college jobs. Anyway, the now clear-eyed waitress explained exactly how the stoner bandit got her smacked. Grubstreet reports:

Abrahamian allegedly led her into the kitchen and had her shut her eyes in front of the whole staff for a taste test. “I was expecting chicken,” she told the Post. “It didn’t taste great. I was so confused. I was like, what the fuck is this? … I was tripping, and I had one or two hours left on my shift.”

Rasmussen has long since quit, which makes us wonder why the lawsuit is happening now. Did she not know she had been drugged until she woke up months later with Walter White pointing a gun to her head? Had she never experienced mushrooms before, and thus thought she was just having a normally sticky day at Sticky’s?

You should always know for sure if you’ve been drugged by an employer, so we’ve created this handy dandy guide to help Sofie and other at-risk restaurant staff. With the seven easy tips below, anyone can figure out if they just ate mushrooms, and react appropriately (file a lawsuit, go to a Passion Pit concert, up to you).

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