WATCH: Around The World In 80 Plates Contestant Gives Guest Judge Gag Orders

This week, on Around the World in 80 Plates, the globe’s chattiest cheftestant Jenna gave the demonstrating chef in Bologna strict orders to disclose the details of his dish in Italian only. Jenna, of course, is the only cheftestant who speaks Italian, so she was putting the other team at a major disadvantage by persuading the chef not to speak English. The kicker here is, though, is that the other team could have been roaming Bologna on their own, talking to locals and exploring the city’s culinary traditions. But Jenna’s team, as winners of The Course, received the option of forcing the opposing team to come to dinner with them, thereby controlling their exposure to the city.

Obviously, commanding a host chef to do your bidding, when he has agreed to cook for you and so graciously allowed you to take over his restaurant, is a less than charming impression for a bunch of Americans to make. Luckily, the chef passed it off with an awkward laugh and didn’t really give Jenna’s team much of an advantage, but check out the supremely awkward moment below.

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