WATCH: Drug Cop Bakes Brownies with Found Pot, Calls 911 Because He’s ‘Dying’

We don’t have nearly enough Dumb Crime on the food beat, so we get really excited whenever something involving pastry, mostly illegal drugs, and the worst 911 call ever happens.

Basically, there’s a new series in TLC’s “let’s gawk at freaks” programming mill called Outrageous 911, which pairs together horrendous reenactments with real-life idiotic 911 calls.

Once upon a time, a law enforcement officer working in a drug division took home pot that he confiscated from a crime scene, baked them up into a batch of brownies with his wife, ate the whole pan of brownies, and then called 911 because he thought they were “overdosing” on marijuana, “dying,” and/or already dead.

Please observe the results in the clip courtesy of Entertainment Tonight below, and please, leave cooking your marijuana foods to the professionals.

[Entertainment Tonight]

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