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A Cheesecake Recipe For The Weekend and More: Last Call


Happy Friday, everyone! Time to head out and enjoy the good weather for two glorious days, until you wake up on Sunday and realize you just lost an hour. Here’s what you need to read before you go:

  • NYTimes FoodSam Sifton is giving you recipes for the weekend, including a cheesecake recipe that will do no favors for the summer body this weather has suddenly reminded of. But who cares? It’s cheesecake. To quote the great Nike, just do it.
  • First We FeastSome republican Tennessee Representatives went to a Nashville Hooters, and didn’t tip their waitress. Mary Littleton wrote “sorry” on the tip line, and  Tilman Goins left his blank. Did they honestly think his wouldn’t make waves on the internet?
  • Grub Street: Supermarket chain Tesco has agreed to eliminate waste by the end of the year by donating all its unsold food to charities. Your move, Food Emporium.
  • HuffPost TasteIn case you missed it: chihuahuas look exactly like blueberry muffins.

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