WATCH: Adam Platt Admits in First TV Interview, ‘I Have a Giant Head’

Adam Platt would like you to know that New York Magazine chose the only photo from his cover shoot in which he didn’t smile. He’s a jolly guy! He also appeared on CBS This Morning to synthesize his New York Mag piece for those of you who may have only skimmed it, and assure us that the kerfuffle surrounding his unveiling is largely unnecessary.

“They’ve known me from the beginning,” he says of the chefs and staff whose restaurants he’s visited for over a decade. Two weeks into the job, Platt discovered, “It’s very hard for me to disguise myself. I’m the size of a house, I have this giant head…”

So, the moral of the story is this: don’t let your physical features get in the way of your aspirations of becoming a food critic. If Adam Platt and his bulbous dome can land on the cover of New York Magazine, you can do anything.

Check out his very first TV interview below.

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