Adam Richman Dedicates New Show To Finding America’s Best Sandwich

Adam Richman has made a career enacting the ultimate bro fantasy in his show Man Vs. Food, but his newest show shakes up the bro fetish world by combining two bro things: sandwiches, and NCAA tournament rankings.  (AWWWW YEEEEAH, BRAH!)

The Daily Meal reports that Richman is debuting this Sandwichmax of shows, obviously called “Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich In America,” on The Travel Channel. With the help of many of his bros (including Bobby Flay and Anthony Bourdain), Richman has selected thirty of America’s sexiest sandwiches and will travel around the country, stuffing them into his face and deciding which one he likes the best.

There’s a surprisingly thorough system to all this hedonism: a qualitative BITE scale to judge sandwich worthiness (B=Bread, I=Interior, T=Taste, E=Eating Experience), a real commitment to the NCAA-like bracket system, and most importantly, a deep background in sloppy sandwich eating, with Richman’s perversions starting with his father’s sandwiches: “He played with ingredients in a way that I found really cool,” said Richman in the interview. “I was surprised how personal an expression of self the sandwich can be…It is just your imagination bound by two pieces of bread.”

Richman, however, took his favorite sandwich out of the competition: the Vietnamese banh mi. He then promised the banh mi that he would come back for her after the war, and together they’d go to America with the rest of her family. The banh mi is now pregnant with his child.

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