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Oh God No: Adam Richman And Epic Meal Time Got Together To Film Disturbing Food Porn

A photo like the one above, with professional food eater Adam Richman hanging out with the professional stuff eaters at Epic Meal Time, really needs no explanation. Anyone plugged into the internet’s pop culture can easily discern what’s going on here.

You can’t?

Do we have to explain? Must we?

Sigh. All right, but we warned you.

You may know Adam Richman as the host of Man Vs. Food, where he travels around the country to participate in food challenges, such as “eating an enormous burger the size of a bike wheel” or “gobbling a small watercraft’s worth of chili” or “consuming one dirty water dog.” Essentially, he eats enormous volumes of food.

Naturally, he would pair well with Harley Morenstein and the weird Canucks of Epic Meal Time, whose entire existence circles around finding disgusting ways to smash bro foods together, then eating them. (There are years and years worth of YouTube videos documenting this.) And according to this clearly non-photoshopped photo of the crew, they did get together.

Some math: Adam Richman’s stomach + Epic Meal Time’s brain + multiple handles of Jack Daniels = that one circle of hell where Dante sent all the fat people and is a really disgusting place to read about and why can’t we go back to the chapter about sex?

We can’t wait to see it.



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