TMZ Finds the ‘Fat Activist’ Adam Richman Told To Kill Herself

Amber Sarah, the woman who sparked Adam Richman’s Instagram meltdown, was unfortunately on the receiving end of some nasty slurs and an insinuation to go kill herself from the now-on-hiatus Travel Channel host. But TMZ tracked her down and she just wants him to get more involved in fat activism. According to their interview:

Sarah is happy the network pulled Adam’s show, “Man Finds Food” from the schedule, but she’s not out for blood. She wants Adam to volunteer with eating disorder groups by participating in walks that help obese people get in shape.

And she wants him to donate money.

BTW … Sarah says she could end up arm-in-arm with Adam on one of the walks. She doesn’t weigh herself, but calls herself a “fat activist who is fat.”

Dear PR-scorned celebrities: yes, educational stunts are probably a bore, but they look so good. Rubbing humble elbows with some haters might be the easiest medicine to swallow.


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