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Adam Richman Names Best Sandwich In America

As it turns out, the whole purpose of Adam Richman’s sophomore series Best Sandwich in America was not, in fact, merely to indulge in every piled-high lunchtime meal he could find. The purpose was to actually find the Best Sandwich. Like with brackets and a system and stuff! And then to award that eatery with a trophy! (Yes, the Travel Channel actually green-lit this project.)

A roast pork/provolone/broccoli rabe sandwich from the City of Brotherly Love wound up taking the prize, and the winning restaurant actually snuffed its James Beard-awarded Philly competition in an earlier round: DiNic’s in Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market outshone sandwiches from all over the country, including fellow Philly cheesesteak joint John’s Roast Pork. But who needs a James Beard Award when you have the seal of Adam Richman’s approval?

DiNic’s owner Joe Nicolosi isn’t letting Adam’s accolade go to his head, however. He told Eater Philly:

“I have no plans to do anything more than come in and cook at 4 a.m., doing what we always do…Not to sound like an asshole, but I think too much ambition can be a bad thing in this business. I just need one good stand where we do things old school, not 10 of them.”

Welp, mission accomplished, dude.


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