WATCH: Adam Richman And Jimmy Kimmel Fall In Sandwich Love, Plan Elopement

Adam Richman stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to plug his new series Best Sandwich in America, but little did he know that his appearance would lead to true love.

When the Man vs Food star launched into the process behind discovering the nation’s greatest sandwich, Jimmy realized he had found a kindred spirit. As it turns out, Jimmy has eaten almost every sandwich Adam tries on the show — unprofessionally, of course. Eventually the audience falls away, leaving the two locked in a passionate lovefest over corned beef, Italian slaw, po’ boys, and grouper sandwiches. The two are both from the same ‘hood in Brooklyn, and, as they tracked their individual cross-country sandwich adventures, they realized they’d rather be together.

“I think we should run away together,” Jimmy concludes.

“I now pronounce you Adam and Jimmy,” Adam concurs.

Meanwhile, they lost the audience somewhere after a New Orleans shout-out, after venturing into more and more obscure sandwich territory.

For some reason, we kind of love this pairing. Bromance? Elopement? Wherever it leads, we’re fans of a Kimmel-Richman partnership. Take us with you on your sandwich adventures, please.

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