WATCH: Adam Richman And Katie Couric Do Daytime Shotskis, Forget To Invite Andy Cohen

Of course, Andy Cohen is not the exclusive rights-holder to the glorious shotski — a ski attached to three shot glasses he uses to toast guests on every episode of Watch What Happens Live. In fact, if pop-culture trivia memory serves, we believe it was Jimmy Fallon who gifted him the shotski in the first place. But the inclusive drinking device has much chillier origins. Adam Richman, for example, happened upon it at Arctic Man in Alaska while shooting Fandemonium, and he brought one along to Katie Couric’s daytime talk show for a demonstration. Of course, Katie’s a classy lady with classy mom-hair and she’s way too classy to do daytime shots. (She did, however, take a few sips of margarita and try RenFaire nerds’ drink of choice: “loki”, a.k.a., sugar + Everclear.)

Normally, we’d be pretty positive that Andy Cohen was sitting sadly in a basement surrounded by his collection of caged Housewives, disappointed that he didn’t get an invite to the shotski party. But we’re not sure if he’s awake at 3:00 PM, so…

Check out the clip below.

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