WATCH: Adam Richman Gently Teases Sodomizing Justin Bieber on The Soup

Adam Richman joined Shaq and the cast of Total Divas last night on The Soup’s “Annual Clusterfuck of Nonsensical Guest Stars” episode, instrumentally helping to land two important jokes. As a side note: way to put that Yale Grad Acting degree to work, homes.

So you know what’s great about the addition of a wax statue of Justin Bieber at Madame Tussaud’s? All of Adam’s deep and dark apparent fantasies can come true, without any humans being nonconsensually harmed (and the subsequent prison sentence that comes along with that)!

Also, have you seen this new Nothing App for iPhone? It’s super fancy. The Nothing App got its exclusive reveal in this terrible SyFy Channel movie, but Adam is so famous that he got an advance download, too. This is what happens when your posse runs Shaq-deep.

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