Again with the ‘How Do You Stay So Skinny, Christina Tosi?’ Articles


Because no one can quite fathom how a chef, who self-admittedly “lives on sugar,” can be so skinny, we must all analyze her diet and workout habits, right?

This time it’s the Wall Street Journal and its “What’s Your Workout?” column that are running alongside Christina Tosi as she jogs the Brooklyn Bridge, or whatever. To Tosi’s credit, it’s very clear that to her, running isn’t just a way to work off all the crack pies and other treats she’s testing. “Running in the evenings is where I find my sanity,” she tells the Wall Street Journal, saying running should feel like a treat rather than a punishment. But that doesn’t stop WSJ from asking what she eats for breakfast (cappucinos with whole milk, heavens to betsy!), on the road (French onion soup or shrimp cocktail, salad and wine), and snacking (fruit and granola).

Sure, WSJ isn’t outwardly asking the questions that Elle did — “How important is it to you to be thin?” — but the undertones sure are there. Then again, this seems to be a thing of obsession for this particular WSJ column; in just the last two months, the column has also profiled an ice cream company founder, the bloggers behind the blog Infatuation, and a Vietnamese chef. The lede of “The Workouts of Two Professional Foodies” starts, “When eating is a job requirement, a high-octane fitness routine is a necessity, according to Chris Stang and Andrew Steinthal.” Are we supposed to assume that as foodies, we too, need some high-octane, P90-level shit to sustain our lifestyles?

It’s no marvel to us that some chefs are thin, and some are not — much like, we dunno, the rest of the world. Yet we’ll all just continue to fetishize the thin people in the food world because at the end of the day, being skinny > being good at what you do. To us, Tosi sounds like just a normal gal who’s taking care of herself: working out, eating right when she can, all that jazz. But “For Woman Who’s Found Professional Success That Has Nothing To Do With Her Appearance, Running Is A Sweet Treat” isn’t quite as striking of a headline now, is it?

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