Alain Ducasse Will Cook for Outer Space Now

Table for two in the starry sky? Well, all right then.

This delightful little story out of France says that the Breton, France company Hénaff has signed a contract with NASA. And Hénaff is in development of tin cans holding French foods, made by none other than celebrity chef Alain Ducasse. Because if you’re gonna eat any French food in space, it better be motherf*ckin’ Alain Ducasse.

The Local reports that Ducasse and the Hénaff team will develop 25 dishes to be sent into space, meant to be eaten on special occasions, like birthdays and holidays. On the menu: celeriac purée, Breton lobster, duck breast confit with caper sauce, organic quinoa with seaweed, and chocolate cake. The real question is — will Ducasse be making any special stops into space while serving his meals? You know that would be sick.

[The Local]

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