Alain Ducasse Blames Unions For Forcing Him To Close 3-Star Michelin Restaurant

Unions don’t really exist in Doha, where a Bloomberg reporter caught up with Alain Ducasse as he opened his newest restaurant for megarich people to eat things like camel (braised for six days and served with foie gras and truffles, because why not). But there’s a reason that Alain Ducasse is doing his thing in Qatar and not in, say, New York, where he once had a three-star Michelin restaurant.

Adour is over: It’s a liberation,” he told Bloomberg about the restaurant he formerly ran in the St. Regis Hotel. “It was very difficult with the restaurant and the hotel being unionized. It was becoming impossible to operate a restaurant, so it’s good news. We’re looking for somewhere now, but not in a hotel.”

Adour, one of Ducasse’s many attempts at a New York restaurant, closed earlier this year for undisclosed (until now) reasons, though the famed French chef still has an enormous empire of restaurants spanning the globe. For instance: in Doha, the new restaurant Iram is located inside a museum, serves no wine in accordance to Islamic law, and probably lacks unionized workers, because it’s Doha.

[Bloomberg via Eater]

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