What Could Have Been: Why Alain Passard Chose Food Over Fashion

A celebrated French chef with three Michelin stars, Alain Passard wasn’t always tempted by the culinary life. Though usually that phrase means something along the lines of “Once, when he was five, Alain Passard wanted to be an astronaut,” he was legitimately enticed by the prospect of pursuing other artistic endeavors besides cooking beautiful food, as he told the Financial Times of London while promoting his book The Art of Cooking with Vegetables: 

Were you ever tempted by another profession?
Oh yes, many others – I was very interested in couture, sculpture, painting, music and architecture – but I was only tempted by experiences where there could be beauty in the execution.

And even though he remains a chef, he still shows up at fashion industry events to cater the occasional runway show.

While the world is happy that Alain Passard has brought it joy and delight through food, we do like speculating what would happen if he’d become a fashion designer. One thing we know for sure: considering that his inspiration comes from nature, and he did write an entire book about how to prepare vegetables, he probably wasn’t the biggest fan of Lady Gaga’s meat dress.


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