Alan Richman Names Washington DC’s Little Serow The Most Outstanding Restaurant Of 2013

Bon Appetit announced their list of the 20 Most Important Restaurants of 2013 yesterday, and GQ food editor Alan Richman followed suit, naming his 12 Most Outstanding Restaurants of 2013 in the March issue. The only restaurant that graces both roundups is Tyson Cole’s Uchi in Austin, from which Top Chef: Texas and James Beard Award Best Chef: Southwest winner Paul Qui graduated.

But Richman’s favorite dining experience went to Washington DC’s Little Serow, which boasts a 90-minute wait on a Saturday night (psh, amateurs). In spite of disliking long waits, below-ground restaurants, and Thai food, Richman wrote of the 28-seater, “Little Serow is transformational. The preparations are exquisitely focused. The spicing ascends and then descends, as harmoniously as musical scales. This was my finest eating experience of 2012.”

You can check out his whole list here.


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