Alan Richman Is A Super Suave Secret Agent At ZZ’s Clam Bar

Alan Richman forgot who he was at ZZ’s Clam Bar, the third establishment from the dynamite trifecta of Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi, and Jeff Zalaznick.

“You might feel like James Bond with Vesper Lynd in the Casino Royale dining room, or like Sydney Greenstreet in The Maltese Falcon if you’ve put on a little weight.”

Using his innate, crafty restaurant spying skills, Richman was able to play it super cool, landing himself a table with the finesse of a pro.

“I walk around the neighborhood, Thompson and Houston. I’m bored. I decide to ring ZZ’s again. Somebody answers. He seems embarrassed to have been caught with the phone in his hand. I explain where I am and what I’m looking for. He stammers a bit and then says okay, I can come at 6:15. I make up a name. I’m in.”

Once in, Richman played his part, dining like the movie-star character he is: “I didn’t care what anything cost. It didn’t matter. What does price mean when you’re in a world of your own?”

But the plot thickened from there for Agent Triple-Star Richman. Read about his climatic meal in its entirety here, and wait for the sequel: The Critic Who Knew Too Much. 


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