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Alan Sytsma: Rants Like John Tesar’s Make Diners Feel Unwelcomed

Oh the think[ piece]s you can think when your entire Twitter feed is jammed with 250 voices discussing the same topic. Alan Sytsma weighs in on the Tesar/Brenner/chef/critic/review/star system Twitter controversy for Grub Street with some thinks he’s been ruminating on. Writes Sytsma:

Everyone loves a good meltdown, and some people will inevitably cheer on any chef that lashes out at a critic. But the problem for those in the hospitality industry is that calling anyone out in public — a critic, or even a customer — is at odds with the larger service that restaurants provide, namely creating an environment that is all about making people feel cared for. A tirade reveals the truth a little too cleanly: Underneath the veneer of congeniality, chefs and servers might secretly hate your guts.

And restaurants should ultimately be #safespaces. Look at that. We just took it to the Tumblr place. You can the piece in its entirety here.

[Grub Street]

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