Alaska Town To Get Free Taco Bell After Cruel Hoax

The residents of Bethel, Alaska love Taco Bell. The only problem is that the nearest location is in Achorage, which is 400 miles away. So Taco Bell has decided to come to them — for real this time.

The people of Bethel were heartbroken to discover that the posters around town advertising the opening of a new Taco Bell was just a cruel joke. The hoax was the result of a feud between two residents, one of whom placed posters around town advertising a new Taco Bell and calling for prospective employees. The posters directed those who were interested to call the rival’s number, which is when the townspeople discovered that they had been played. News outlets caught wind of the hoax and the town’s disappointment and eventually, the story reached Taco Bell.

The company will fly enough ingredients for 10,000 free tacos from Anchorage to Bethel this Sunday in order for residents to get the fast-food experience without the $500 flight it normally requires. They hope this taco fiesta will make up for the disappointment of the prank, as well as help the town celebrate Independence Day in style.

No word on whether or not the Doritos Locos shell will make an appearance.

[The Herald]

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