Albert Adrià Shares New Details About Upcoming Mexican Restaurant

This past weekend, Albert Adrià treated attendees of the first Mesamerica festival to a few treats. Not only did they get to try some of the dishes planned for his upcoming Mexican restaurant, but he also revealed a bunch of exclusive details about the venture.

The restaurant will be called Jaguar, and both Adrià and his partner hope to open the doors in February, despite not having a definite location yet. The concept is inspired by another of his restaurants, Tickets, and so will feature a casual, fast-paced atmosphere and dishes meant for sharing. In addition, there will be a store on the premises to allow the restaurant to supply itself. No word yet on whether that will be in regards to ingredients or additional revenue, but we think it’s safe to say it won’t be a Cracker Barrel kind of deal.

But just in case people weren’t excited enough, Adrià also revealed details on another one of his projects, 41 Degrees, a cocktail bar that he has transitioned into the ideal tasting-menu spot. The menu is, obviously, 41 courses long, and is served without silverware or dishes. Adrià’s idea was to give the place an identity that is completely separate from ElBulli, and so the courses reflect various cuisines from around the world. Plus, if you stay past 3 a.m., it turns back into a cocktail bar, giving you the perfect place to wash down all of that amazing food.


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