Go Behind The Scenes At Butter With Alex Guarnaschelli’s New App

Alex Guarnaschelli just launched a new app called Upfront, which basically takes us behind the scenes and into the life of our newest minted Iron Chef.

Says Alex, “I never really get a chance to share that Friday night at 8:30 PM moment in the kitchen where everything just feels like it’s about to explode. What’s that like to live that in say, two minutes?”

Uh, no idea, but we’d definitely love to watch her sweat it out. Plus, oh look, what a perfect accompaniment to her new book that you definitely just picked up: Old School Comfort Food: The Way I Learned to Cook.

According to a press release:

“Members will have access to premium photos, videos, SMS messages, emails, unreleased music, thoughts, status updates, questions, polls, phone calls, unprecedented live-streaming where influencers can host live events from their phones anywhere in the world and more.”

Texts from Alex Guarnaschelli! (We think.) Check out more in her app trailer below.

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