WATCH: Alex Guarnaschelli Breaks In Her Iron Chef Jacket On GMA

After taking some time off to celebrate her Next Iron Chef: Redemption win, newly minted Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli stopped by Good Morning America today to break in her new chef’s coat.

She barely got through a demo of elegant New Year’s Eve canapes for all of Josh Elliott’s enthusiastic, puppyish fanboying, but managed to turn out a couple “devils on horseback,” which, can we just say, is a much better appetizer nickname than Gail Simmons’ Christmas hogs in a blanket. (We love you, Gail.)

Devils on horseback, for those of you wondering, are prunes wrapped in bacon. We’ll take two batches.

Stay tuned to Iron Chef: America this Sunday for Alex’s first Kitchen Stadium Battle, and check out her GMA appearance below.

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