WATCH: Alex Stupak Gets A Pep Talk From Wylie Dufresne

While we can’t help but wish he had shot a Day In The Life short video the week he was on his juice cleanse, Alex Stupak instead made a short video tracking the re-imagining of the cocoa wires he had developed as a pastry chef in the wd~50 kitchen, into masa wires to be put on Empellon Cocina’s menu.

After a quick peek at his adorable, sheepish, sleepy morning routine with his wife, the video follows his trek to wd~50 for a quick inspirational chat with former mentor Wylie Dufresne. It’s entirely possible that Stupak is the only chef on the planet who’s more anxious than Richard Blais. Luckily, Wylie expertly reassures him that bringing back an old dish in a new way isn’t taking a step backwards for the young chef. Go forth, Alex, and prosper as the gringo Mexican cuisine chef we know and love.

Check out the video below.

Chef Alex Stupak presents, “Masa Wire” from David Sherwin on Vimeo.

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