Alice Waters To Open New Wine And Coffee Bar In Old Cafe Fanny Space

When the Berkeley mainstay Cafe Fanny shuttered last March, owner Alice Waters hinted that it wouldn’t be the end of her presence in the building, and now we know what she meant.

Berkeleyside reported yesterday that Waters is opening up a new concept called Bartavelle Coffee and Wine Bar in the space, where Cafe Fanny used to dwell over the past 28 years, but will leave the majority of operations to a mother-son team who created the concept: Suzanne Drexhage, who’s worked with building owner and vintner Kermit Lynch, and her son, Brooklyn-based coffee barista Sam Sobolewski.

“Our inspirations were the little places in Venice, in Italy and in France where you can go have a glass of wine or cup of coffee anytime of the day,” Drexhage told The San Francisco Chronicle in an interview. “It’s going to be a departure from Cafe Fanny.”

Though the restaurant won’t be opening for at least two months, Berkeley-ites (is there a term? I legitimately do not know) will be able to grab coffee from a vintage espresso machine on its patio. And since Alice Waters left a funeral wreath on the site when she closed shop, we’re hoping that there are no arugula ghosts haunting the place.

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