Chez Panisse Set To Reopen On The Summer Solstice, Mark Your Calendar?

As a salt-of-the-earth, locavore-starting, hippy-dippy, sage-burning restaurant, Chez Panisse would never re-open on just any day. Even if a devastating fire and months of repairs would incentivize them to open earlier, even if the entire commune of Berkeley is banging down their doors, Alice Waters will not open her restaurant until the beginning of the Summer Solstice. (That’s June 21st, for all the non-Wiccans out there.)

The LA Times reports that on June 21st, not only is the axial tilt of a planet’s semi-axis most inclined towards the sun, but Waters will be throwing a mega-fundraiser to celebrate Chez Panisse’s reopening, and to support her nutrition education program, Edible Schoolyard. While the sun is in the highest point in the sky, Waters will charge the highest price points possible (up to $2,500 per seat) for people to enjoy raw radishes and simply prepared lamb.

Should you go to this re-opening, you greet Alice Waters a blessed Midsummer, an auspicious جشن تیرگان, or a fruitful and fertile Kupala (wink wink.)

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