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The Alinea/Eleven Madison Park Collaboration Will Cost You $647 Per Person

If you are a non-wealthy person who is a fan of both Alinea and Eleven Madison Park, and are also totally excited about their upcoming collaborative effort The 21st Century Limited, you’re going to be a little sad at the news that it’s going to be real expensive. As if $495 per person weren’t enough, there’s a little something called “tipping” and “taxes” and we all have to pay those.

Bloomberg food critic Ryan Sutton, based in New York City, crunched the numbers at his blog The Price Hike, and found that after the obligatory taxes/service charge, a dinner for one will cost $647 per person, or $1293 for a dinner for two (which, come on, you’re not going to be a loser and go on your own, right?). “That’s almost $300 more than what you might spend on dinner for two at Alinea proper,” he compared, noting that both of those calculations included wine pairings.

If you’re a wealthy person who is a fan of both Alinea and Eleven Madison Park, however, this is the greatest news ever and you are totally stoked to drop your money on this event, because it’s much cheaper than spending money on airfare and hotels to go on a special Rich Person Food Pilgrimage to these restaurants.

Sigh, we guess us poors are just going to have to spend $300 dollars per person for the full tasting menu at these restaurants. Oh, the deprivation.

[The Price Hike h/t HuffPost Food]

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