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WATCH: Alinea Gets The Dramatic Food Porn Video Treatment Typically Reserved For Next

Are we known for obsessively tracking Next trailers, which tease Grant Achatz and David Beran’s menu plans for the upcoming seasons in rich, loosely narrative video form? We are. But since there isn’t a whisper of video evidence yet for this spring’s all-vegan menu following last winter’s “The Hunt,” we’ll have to settle for this dramatic Alinea footage.

The “Alinea Intro” features a few peeks at the dining room, plus sumptuous shots of their infamous Porthole infuser, the taffy balloon, and the ceremonial breaking of the chocolate ball at the close of the meal, which was also featured at the Alinea/Eleven Madison Park 21st Century Ltd. swap.

We’ll stop talking now. Check out the vid below.

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