Grant Achatz Teases a Month-Long Alinea Pop-Up in NYC This Fall

If you live in New York and missed the 21st Century Limited Alinea/Eleven Madison Park switcheroo, then your second chance to experience exploding chocolate balls is coming. Grant Achatz teased a month-long Alinea pop-up coming to Uptown Manhattan this October.

Said Grant in an interview to Fine Dining Lovers:

“We’re going to open Alinea in New York city for a very short amount of time, undetermined but likely a month, maybe more. It will be in Uptown Manhattan.

Let’s see how it works, let’s test the market, will New York like Alinea? It’s worked really well in Chicago but will it work in New York? This is very much a test…why not take it on the road? If we can open a restaurant in New York — imagine Tokyo, Paris, Singapore, London — just imagine the experiences my team could gain from this.”

Ugh, isn’t it just SO GRANT to make an Mrs. Achatz Show World Tour about the team?

[Fine Dining Lovers h/t Grub Street]

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