Is Alton Brown Really Abadoning Justin Warner’s Food Show?

Alton Brown shocked legions of Food Network Star fans by revealing (via Twitter post-it, natch) that he wouldn’t be producing Season 8 winner Justin Warner’s television series. Last season, the show featured the added twist of the judges acting as mentors, with the winning contestant receiving a show on Food Network produced by their mentor, hence the fishiness surrounding Alton pulling out for purposes including “budget constraints” and having “a lot on his plate.”

And then this Twitter Post-It happened:

An innocent reassurance from a former mentor? Could be. But wait. What’s that file on Alton’s computer below the Post-It? “JEA Location”? Well, that couldn’t possibly refer to the working title of Warner’s show Justin’s Excellent Adventure, could it?

Perhaps Alton will remain involved with the series, after all? It’s worth noting that, technically, the Food Network Star prize package involved a daytime cooking show executive produced by the winner’s mentor. That’s what every other winner started out with. As we already know, Justin’s Excellent Adventure will be a road show, airing in primetime. Presumably, the time and travel demands of a road show versus those of an in-house cooking show contribute to those budget constraints that might prevent Alton from being as involved as he would have liked.

As Brown said in an interview with YumSugar last October, though, he hopes Justin goes on to snag a cooking show in addition to this series, which he’d be happy to produce!


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