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WATCH: Alton Brown And The Mythbusters Cook Thanksgiving Dinner In The Hood Of A Car

When you’re able to get Alton Brown to make a special guest appearance on Mythbusters, you play to his strengths. Specifically: you (meaning Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman) get the turkey innovator to make Thanksgiving dinner in the most Mythbuster-y way possible; in the nooks and crannies of a car with a V-8 engine. Are you prepared for all the science? You better be, scientist.

The plan is to cook all the parts of Thanksgiving dinner — turkey (breast, thighs, and legs), sweet potatoes, even pie — on different elements of the car, since certain foods will cook at certain temperatures. And here’s how they’ll figure out where to place those pumpkin pies: with a computer.

This is probably the only instance where we’ll see legitimate food porn on Mythbusters, as Alton carefully preps an entire Thanksgiving dinner:

As they drive for four hours into the hills of the Bay Area, though, the wafting smell of cooked sweet potatoes and sage causes drama, Alton (adorably) fretting that the turkey breasts are burning. When they finally pull into the park where they’re dining, then, the tension mounts before they finally try their car-cooked dinner:

SPOILER ALERT: This is a gathering of the best nerds on television and all other nerds are quite happy that this event occurred.

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