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WATCH: Does Alton Brown Write Notes On His Hand To Get Through TV Demos?

Wait, does this mean Alton Brown is a mere reminder-needing mortal?

He stopped by Good Morning America today with the Alton Brown-iest recipes of all time to help fill out your Halloween treat stash (in case you ate all those bags of assorted candy waiting out the storm). Do you have plain gelatin and flavor essences stashed in your pantry? Of course you do, otherwise how could you call yourself a food enthusiast?

Okay, okay, jello mix and food coloring works fine, if that’s all you’ve got, to make your very own gummy worms. It’s super molecular, you guys. Gelatin! If you have a nitrous oxide canister, you can also make “chocolate mousse” by mixing together equal parts heavy cream and Hershey’s syrup and then serving it out of the can.

But perhaps the most revealing part of Alton’s segment is the moment cameras caught the notes written out on the palm of his hand, presumably reminders to get him through the complex demo, which not only featured a myriad of components, but also a very overexcited Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer. Enough to distract any chef, no?

Check out the clip below. (Seriously. DIY gummy worms are cool.)

Bonus: Alton’s costume is a regular Alton Brown suit, plus a fez.

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