WATCH: Creepy Guest Chef Serves 80 Plates Contestants ‘Dog Food’ And ‘Used Condoms’

On last night’s Around the World in 80 Plates, cheftestants were treated to the molecular gastronomy stylings of guest chef Alvin Leung, who is known in the kitchen as “the demon chef” and whose creations apparently rival those of progressive Stateside talent wd~50’s Wylie Dufresne. Among his offerings were a can of “dog food” and “sex on the beach,” which featured a “used” “condom” lying on a bed of “sand.” Clever? Uh, okay. Appetizing? Not at all.

The dog food was, of course, actually wagu beef, foie gras, and truffles. As The Demon Chef pointed out, it only “looked like dog food,” while it actually cost in the neighborhood of $200. Sure. But it still looks like dog food.

Avery took one for the team downing the condom part of the dessert (filled with cream for that authentic just-slipped-off feel), which was fine by The Demon Chef, who had been creepily hitting on her the entire night. She took it in stride, but we assume Avery gets this kind of thing a lot.

(Fun fact: Guess which other culinary giant is seriously crushing on rooting for Avery in the competition? Andrew Zimmern!)

Nicole’s elimination last night means Avery has successfully secured a spot in the final four, along with John, Nookie (really!), and Liz (really?). Next week, the remaining chefs head to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Check out all the reasons The Demon Chef thinks Avery should win below!

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