Amanda Cohen Is Really Excited About Her Upcoming Episode Of America’s Test Kitchen

Amanda Cohen recently had the pleasure of serving America’s Test Kitchen helm Chris Kimball at Dirt Candy and she just barely contained her geek out in a professional manner. We get it; he is, after all, the foremost chocolate chip cookie recipe tinkerer.

“It was all I could do not to fling confetti at him every few minutes and blow a horn when he sat down,” she wrote on her Dirt Candy blog, adding, “Seriously, Chris Kimball‘s TV show and his magazine, Cook’s Illustrated, are my platonic ideals of what more food magazines and TV should be: scientific, informative, and straight-up focused on the facts, not catch phrases or flashy editing.”

After visiting the restaurant, Kimball tweeted about how much he liked his meal (more fangirling), and a couple of weeks later, Amanda was contacted to do an appearance on the show (all of the squeals).

Her Season 13 fourth episode, entitled “Simple and Satisfying Vegetable Mains,” airs January 24th, and apparently it went sort of okay.

She writes, “Except for maybe once when I was swarmed by baby pandas and hugged for an incredibly long time, taping an episode of America’s Test Kitchen was the highlight of my young life.”

We can’t wait.

[Dirt Candy]

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