Amanda Freitag To Open An NYC Resto Later This Summer

She just barely lost out on the title of Next Iron Chef during last year’s Redemption season to Alex Guarnaschelli in a tense finale, but Amanda Freitag seems to be bouncing back just fine. She’s slated to open another New York restaurant, finally, after a two-year hiatus. We caught a glimpse of her working the line at Nate Appleman’s now-infamous burger station at the James Beard Awards a couple of weeks ago and she looked happy as can be, so we’re stoked to have her return to the NYC restaurant scene.

The last kitchen she ran was at The Harrison, which she left in 2010, but this summer, she’ll take over the Empire Diner space in Chelsea, and revamp it with a new name to create a new locavore diner. We can expect the new venture to open in late summer, just in time to catch the eye of wandering late-season Highliners.

Welcome Back, Freitag.


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